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Good Good News

Daily Reading // Isaiah 14:1-21


Take a moment to quiet your mind and prepare your heart for your time with the Lord.


Read the passage above up to three times aloud. Allow yourself to feel the words as they are read.


Now direct your focus on the words, phrases concepts or sentences that got your attention. What is God speaking to you today through His word?

Isaiah 14:24 The LORD of hosts has sworn, saying, "Surely, as I have thought, so it shall come to pass, And as I have purposed, [so] it shall stand:

I love the confidence and certainty of this verse. The reality of this truth is it’s either good news or bad news. Since God’s thoughts and purposes are certain to come to pass, it’s good news if He‘s good and bad news if He’s not. How many people that you know, even the best among us, would you want to have that kind of power? Praise God, He has shown us in so many ways that He is very, very good.

There’s still another good news/bad news scenario. Since His purposes are so certain to come to pass, it’s good news if I’m on His side and bad news if I’m not. Once again, this is good news. God’s sovereignty is good, good news to me!


Pray in response to what the Lord has spoken to you.

Father, Every single day I rest in the confidence that Your purposes and Your plans will prevail. There are a lot of people who try their very best to get their way. There are even those who want to force their will upon others. I can rest today in this fact: None of those things will come about apart from Your will. I am even safe from my own devices. I receive Your peace right now. Have Your will and Your way in my life today.

Tomorrow’s reading -> Psalm14:1-7

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