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Look Behind You


But Jeroboam caused an ambush to go around behind them; so they were in front of Judah, and the ambush was behind them. And when Judah looked around, to their surprise the battle line was at both front and rear; and they cried out to the Lord, and the priests sounded the trumpets.

‭‭II Chronicles‬ ‭13:13-14‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


King Abijah and Judah were facing a great battle. Facing it head-on, the king made a rousing speech. But the enemy was positioning themselves behind the army of Judah. Now they had one battle to their front and one battle to their rear.


I have felt this way before. Just when you think you’re facing your battle head-on, you find out there is another battle behind you. You’re surrounded. Judah’s confidence never seemed to wane. Their confidence in God prevailed whether it was one contained battle or one that surrounded them.


Lord, I trust in You for EVERYTHING I face. Amen.

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