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Receiving A Testimony

Daily Reading // Psalm 35:1-28


Take a moment to quiet your mind and prepare your heart for your time with the Lord.


Read the passage above up to three times aloud. Allow yourself to feel the words as they are read.


Now direct your focus on the words, phrases concepts or sentences that got your attention. What is God speaking to you today through His word?

Psalms 35:27 (NKJV) Let them shout for joy and be glad, Who favor my righteous cause; And let them say continually, "Let the LORD be magnified, Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant."

King David is asking the Lord for something that is continually my prayer - that the Lord would use David’s own life as a testimony of God’s greatness. Whatever situation I am in, I constantly pray, “Lord, no matter what happens, may it be a testimony of You to those around me.”

When I pray for others who are in difficult or confusing times, I ask the Lord to turn it into a testimony for them. That over this very outcome will become a story of how awesome God is.

Notice the two prerequisites in David’s prayer. One is a ‘righteous cause’. The other is being ‘His servant’.

Don’t ask God to bless your unrighteousness cause. When I am doing my own thing, going my own way, and I either haven’t asked God for His guidance or I’ve disregarded His guidance and His word, I better not ask God to bless that.

I have had lots of times when people have asked me to pray for all sorts of things that weren’t righteous causes. Sometimes you just don’t know. I always ask God to reveal Himself and His truth. I ask Him to lead everyone involved closer to Him. I ask Him to have His perfect will.

David said God has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant. Am I His servant?

When I’m serving God my prosperity means His prosperity. When I’m serving myself that isn’t necessarily true. Does my activity align with God’s purposes and His revealed will? There’s no better way to have God fighting for you.


Pray in response to what the Lord has spoken to you.

God, I’m so glad that I can call out to You. You don’t promise to bless unrighteousness and selfishness, but a righteous cause and Your servant. I want to serve You today. Amen.

Tomorrow’s reading -> Sabbath Reflection

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